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God Bless America!

Here are some pictures, drawings, flags and stuff relating to the attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Enjoy...  and remember.

The second plane about to hit

Eagle Tears

An Eagle and the US flag

A drawing of some of the heroes of that day

Kabul, Afghanistan weather report (humor)

A collage of people mourning on that day

Fireman handing off the colors to a Soldier
A powerful drawing by a GI waiting to be deployed to Afghanistan

Raising a flag over the Pentagon

Helicopter flying over the Pentagon still burning

Eagle over the WTC with message for terrorists

WTC collapsing with flag in background

Firemen raising a flag over the WTC

WTC - all that was left standing

American Flag  Flag01  Flag02

"America Prays"
by Max Lucado, in Acrobat format

Dump Truck by Ox Bodies in Fayetteville, AL
My brother is part owner, and five of these are helping in New York!

(NOTE: All pictures taken from or sent by the internet
If any of these pics are copyrighted for non-distribution,
please let me know and I will remove.)

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